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    • Please note this unofficial review will not be used as part of the application completion or review process.  You will be required to submit official transcripts from each college or university you attend in order to have your file reviewed for admission.

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    • Search Hints to find your institution. Type the first part of the institution name followed by the city or town. The institutions will appear alphabetically by institution name followed by the city and state. For example: Search for Berkeley. This will appear as Univ Calif Berkeley (Berkeley, CA) in the search list. It is recommended not to use words like university, college, or institution in your search as abbreviations vary.
    • Transcript Attachments
      • Please attach all unofficial transcripts you would like to have reviewed. The preferred format for unofficial transcripts is a pdf file.
        Each unofficial transcript should include:
        • Name of school
        • Grades and credits attempted or earned
        • Course name shorthand and course number (example: ENGL101 or ENG101)